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Cisapride is categorized as a serotonin 5-HT4 agonist with 5-HT3 activity, and it has a mechanism of action in the enteric nervous system that results in the release of acetylcholine from postsynaptic neurons.

Experiment shows that cisapride protects against cardiac hypertrophy via inhibiting the up-regulation of calcineurin and NFATc-3

Cisapride Specification

Appearance White or almost white crystalline powder Standard Packing 1kg/bag or per customer request
Optical rotation -0.05° - +0.05 ° Inventory Normally we have Cisapride in stock
UV absorption conefficient 248 - 274 (at 308nm)
Appearance of solution

Clear or not more opalescent tha lurbidity standard solution I.

The colour is not more intensely soloured that No.7 orange yellow reference solution

Cisapride physical parameters
Single impurity < 0.5 % CAS No: 260779-88-2
Sum of impurity < 1.0 % Formula C23H29ClFN3O4·H2O
Water 3.4% - 4.0% Molecular Weight 483.97
Residue on ignition < 0.1% Synonym
Heavy metals < 20ppm Structure Cisapride
Chloroform < 0.006%
Toluene < 0.089%
Methanol < 0.01%
Assay > 99.0% (calculated on dried basis)
Certificate of Analysis Cisapride COA
Literature Cisapride literature
MSDS Cisapride MSDS

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