Cyclosporin B

CAS No.: 63775-95-1 Request for quotation

Cyclosporin B is an immunosuppressant that has revolutionized organ transplantation through its use in the prevention of graft rejection. A group of nonpolar cyclic oligopeptides with immunosupppressant activity.

Cyclosporin B Specification

Appearance Amorphous white powder Standard Packing 500mg/bag or per customer request
Purity (HPLC) > 95% Inventory Normally we have Cyclosporin B in stock
Melting point 140-143 °C
Solubility Soluble in chloroform, methanol Cyclosporin B physical parameters
Water < 5% CAS No: 63775-95-1
Formula C61H109N11O12
Molecular Weight 1188.58
Synonym Ala2-cyclosporine; Antibiotic S 7481F2
Structure Cyclosporin B
Certificate of Analysis Cyclosporin B COA
Literature Cyclosporin B literature
MSDS Cyclosporin B MSDS

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Cyclosporin B