Epothilone A

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Epothilone A is a microtubule (MT) stabilizing drug and natural macrolide antitumor from myxobacteria Sorangium cellulosum. EpoA exhibits kinetics similar to paclitaxel by inducing tubulin polymerization in vitro and producing enhanced microtubule stability and bundling in cultured cells. In contrast to paclitaxel, Epothilone A exhibits a greater cytotoxicity against P-glycoprotein-expressing multidrug resistant (MDR) cells (IC50 = 20 nM for MDR CCRF-CEM/VBL100 cells). Epothilone A is a competitve inhibitor of 3H-paclitaxel binding with comparable IC50 to paclitaxel in displacement competition assays. EpoA causes cell cycle arrest at the G2/M transition leading to cytotoxicity.

Epothilone A Specification

Appearance Off-white Crystalline powder Standard Packing 500mg/bag or per customer request
Purity (HPLC) 95% Inventory Normally we have Epothilone A in stock
Melting point 95-98 °C (lit.)
Epothilone A physical parameters
CAS No: 152044-53-6
Formula C26H39NO6S
Molecular Weight 493.66
Synonym (1S,3S,7S,10R,11S,12S,16R)-7,11-Dihydroxy-8,8,10,12-tetramethyl-3-[(1E)-1-methyl-2-(2-methyl-4-thiazolyl)ethenyl]-4,17-dioxabicyclo[14.1.0]heptadecane-5,9-dione; (-)-Epothilone A; Epothilone A
Structure Epothilone A
Certificate of Analysis Epothilone A COA
Literature Epothilone A literature
MSDS Epothilone A MSDS
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Epothilone A