Epothilone C

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The thiazolyl side-chain of epothilones can be extensively modified in the presence of the various sensitive functional groups of the macrocycle. In some reactions not even the 3,7-hydroxyl groups need protection. Although yields are moderate and sometimes low, a variety of analogs could be prepared from the fermentation products in very few steps.[1]

Epothilone C Specification

Appearance Off-white Crystalline powder Standard Packing 50mg/bag or per customer request
Purity (HPLC) 95% Inventory Normally we have Epothilone C in stock
Epothilone C physical parameters
CAS No: 186692-73-9
Formula C26H39NO6S
Molecular Weight 493.66
Synonym (-)-Desoxyepothilone A; Desoxyepothilone A; Epo C; (4S,7R,8S,9S,13Z,16S)-4,8-dihydroxy-5,5,7,9-tetramethyl-16-[(1E)-1-methyl-2-(2-methyl-4-thiazolyl)ethenyl]oxacyclohexadec-13-ene-2,6-dione
Structure Epothilone C
Certificate of Analysis Epothilone C COA
Literature Epothilone C literature
MSDS Epothilone C MSDS
1. G.Höfle et al: Pure Appl. Chem., Vol. 71, No. 11, pp. 2019-2024, 1999. Epothilone A-D and their thiazole-modified analogs as novel anticaner agents. Full text

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Epothilone C