Isomalt (Palatinitol)

CAS No.: 64519-82-0 Request for quotation
Isomalt is a polyol (sugar alcohol), produced from sucrose. Isomalt has a clean sweet taste,it is about 50% as sweet as sucrose, weight basis. Isomalt has fairly low water solubility, about 0.3 g per mL in water at room temperature.

Isomalt (Palatinitol) Specification

Appearance White or almost white powder or granules Standard Packing 25kgs/bag
Content 98% - 102% (GPS+GPM) Inventory Normally we have Isomalt in stock
Solubility Freely soluble in water, practically insoluble in anhydrous ethanol.
Reducing sugars 0.3% Max Isomalt (Palatinitol) physical parameters
Lead 0.5 ppm Max CAS No: 64519-82-0
Nickel 1 ppm Max Formula C12H24O11
Water 7% Max Molecular Weight 344.31
Mannitol+Sorbitol 1% Max Structure Isomalt
Aerobic bacterial count < 3000 cfu/g
Coliform bacteria <30 MPN/100g
Certificate of Analysis Isomalt (Palatinitol) COA
Literature Isomalt (Palatinitol) literature
MSDS Isomalt (Palatinitol) MSDS

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