D-Mannosamine Hcl

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D-mannosamine (2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-mannose) is a monosaccharide involved in a range of metabolic processes. In its N-acetyl form it is a constituent of neuraminic acids, glycolipids and glycoproteins.

D-Mannosamine Hcl is an important moncsaccharide starting material for a range of important biologically functional derivatives. D-mannosamine Hcl is used for the synthesis of sialic (N-acetylneuraminic) acid derivatives. It is also a synthetic intermediate for a number of carbohydrate-derived families of biologically active compounds and pharmaceutical candidates.

D-mannosamine Hcl is the preferred synthetic precursor of N-propanoyl mannosamine.D-mannosamine Hcl always used as an inhibitor in pharmaceutical industry.

We synthesis D-mannosamine Hcl from our own N-Acetyl-D-Mannosamine (99% Min), so the purity is very high.

D-Mannosamine Hcl Specification

Appearance Powder to fine crystals, white/colorless Standard Packing Per customer's request
Assay > 98% (HPLC sum of enantiomers) Inventory Custom synthesis, 4 week delivery
Loss on Drying < 5%
Melting point 170-175 ℃ D-Mannosamine Hcl physical parameters
Specific Rotation -3.7°±0.5° (2% H2O) CAS No 5505-63-5
Solubility (H2O) 0.1g/ml clear, colorless Formula C6H13NO5.HCl
Synonyms 2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-mannose hydrochloride Molecular Weight 215.63
Structure D-Mannosamine Hcl
Certificate of Analysis D-Mannosamine Hcl COA
Literature D-Mannosamine Hcl literature
MSDS D-Mannosamine Hcl MSDS

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D-Mannosamine Hcl