N-Propanoylmannosamine (ManNProp)

CAS No.: 79624-37-6 Request for quotation

N-Propanoylmannosamine ( ManNProp) is prepared from N-Acetyl-D-Mannosamine (ManNAc), an unnatural precursors, interfere with cell differentiation and proliferation of neuronal cells or embryonic stem cells in several studies. application of the unnatural ManNProp influences several biological functions, which are not directly associated with known ligand-receptor relationships, but include transcription of novel genes.

Study shows that application of N-propanoylmannosamine (ManNProp) leads to a decrease in the polysialylation of the neural cell adhesion molecule in vivo, which is a marker of poor prognosis for some tumors with high metastatic potential.

N-Propanoylmannosamine (ManNProp) Specification

Appearance Powder to fine crystals, white/colorless Standard Packing Per customer's request
Assay > 98% (HPLC sum of enantiomers) Inventory Custom synthesis, 4 week delivery
Loss on Drying < 5%
N-Propanoylmannosamine (ManNProp) physical parameters
CAS No 79624-37-6
Formula C9H17NO6
Molecular Weight 235.23
Structure N-Propanoylmannosamine
Certificate of Analysis N-Propanoylmannosamine COA
Literature N-Propanoylmannosamine literature
MSDS N-Propanoylmannosamine MSDS

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